Chicago Travel Guide

I just got back from a quick trip to Chicago! I had so much fun visiting! We stayed on Michigan Ave, right in the center of the city. The city was absolutely beautiful and it reminded me a little of a combination of New York and London. We only spent about a day and a half there so we tried our best to fit in as much stuff as we could. In this post I included all of my favorite places that I visited.

1. Walk around Michigan Avenue: Michigan Avenue is a street with lots of shops, restaurants, etc. They have any shop that you could ever think of on that street. Whether you are shopping or not, it's fun to just walk around and experience the city.


2. Try Donuts at Stan's Donut Shop: I found this donut shop online and I knew that I had to visit it. The pink doors are perfect for and Instagram and the donuts are delicious.


3. Visit the Bean: I've always seen The Bean all over Instagram, and knew I had to visit. It's way bigger than I thought in person and super cool to look at.


4. Go to the Sky Deck at the Willis Tower: I've also seen pictures from the Skydeck all over Instagram. It's an observation deck that sticks out of the building. It's super high up and has an amazing view. I took pictures when the sun was at the opposite side of the building so my pictures turned out very dark, but I tried my best to make them brighter.


If you ever go to Chicago, you have to go visit all of these places. They are all so unique to Chicago. The whole point of my trip was actually to go on a college visit. So before Chicago, I visited The University of Wisconsin- Madison. I loved the campus and thought it was beautiful. I didn't take any pictures there, but it was still amazing!!

I hope everyone had an amazing day!! 

XOXO,  Grace