How to Accessorize a Plain Outfit for Summer

Photos taken by @tressaheslar and @carleyblandino

Photos taken by @tressaheslar and @carleyblandino


In this post I wanted to share my favorite ways to accessorize a plain outfit. During the summer, I love to just wear more simpler outfits and accessorize them so they are unique and different. For my outfit, I'm wearing a t-shirt from Brandy Melville (I love the cute butterfly on it), Zara jean shorts (sold out), and white Vans


1. Adding a Belt: I love using belts to accessorize an outfit. The belt in this outfit is from Brandy Melville. (Click the picture to view it).


2. Scrunchies: I love scrunchies and wear them all the time! I either like to wear them on my wrist or in my hair as a ponytail.


3. Mini Backpack: I love carrying backpacks because of how convenient they are. They are also super trendy and complete any look. The backpack I was carrying in the photo is from Nordstrom


I hope you found some inspiration from this post!! I love accessorizing outfits so much because you can make so many more looks from the clothing pieces you own!

Lately, my friends and I have actually gone thrifting a couple of times. I saw a bunch of YouTube videos of people going thrifting and it looked fun so my friends and I went. We found such unique items that I can't wait to style. I'm going to be doing a whole blog post on how to style thrifted pieces once I get more pieces in my collection.

Leave some requests for blog posts in the comment sections so I know which posts you want to see next!!

XOXO, Grace