Best Coffee Shops in Orange County

I'm obsessed with finding cute coffee shops in my area! There are so many cool places to get coffee in Orange County, so I had to share them. In this post I'm sharing a full guide on my favorite coffee shops. Weather you want a place to take pictures, get coffee, or hang out, all of these places are perfect for you!

1. Side Car Donuts and Coffee: The best donuts EVER!! They have such cool flavors and are super cute looking!


2. Creme and Sugar: I've only ever tried their milkshakes, but they are so cute and taste even better! I got the unicorn milk shake! They are perfect for a picture!


3. Zinc Cafe: My friends and I love to go here when we are in Laguna. It has the best food! It's also super cute and trendy!


4. Dough and Arrow: I think this place is one of the cutest coffee shops I've ever been to! It specializes in coffee and cookie dough. Both are amazing!


5. Outpost Kitchen: This place has the cutest coffee cups! I thought they were hilarious when I saw them. I also thought that the food was amazing!


6. Bardot Bars and Coffee: I thought that this place was so cute! They have customizable coffee graphics that you can put on top of your coffee. They also have the cutest neon sign and wall art.


7. Morning Lavender: This is probably the prettiest coffee shop I've ever been to! The whole coffee shop is filled with pastel colors and flowers. You can also have high tea here. I didn't have tea when I went, but I definitely want to go back and have it.


8. Bear Coast Coffee: I love this cute little coffee shop in San Clemente. It's right next to the ocean so you have an amazing ocean view.


9. Good Town Doughnuts: I love how cute this donut and coffee shop is. It has the cutest neon sign and the best tasting donuts.

IMG_9474 2.JPG

10. Coffee Dose: I just went to this coffee shop today and it it so cute! They have a super cute neon sign and a mural on the side of the shop. I got the lavender charcoal lemonade, but they also sell coffee.


I hope that you found a new coffee shop from this post! It's so much fun adventuring where I live and find cute, new places. I'm home from Orlando, Florida from the Dance Worlds. I had SO much fun competing! My team did amazing and I'm so proud of our improvement throughout the year. I already want to go back! I'm already counting down the days till next year!

This week is my Spring Dance Concert week for school. For my elective I take advanced dance, so my class learns a jazz and lyrical routine to preform at the concert. It's super fun and relaxed which is nice. We have 4 shows throughout the week so it will be a busy week!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!

XOXO, Grace