A Day in San Diego

The other day I went to San Diego to visit some colleges. I visited UCSD and USD, and I loved them both! It was super exciting to start the college process. In between the visits I had a little bit of time to go explore the area. I went to Holy Matcha which is a superrrr cute coffee shop where every item on the menu has matcha in it. The coffee shop is so girly and cute, and the food is also adorable.


On my way home from San Diego, we stopped for gas and I saw this super cute mural that I had to take a picture in front of. The mural is actually apart of a restaurant called Flower Child.



TOP (ONLY $25) / JEANS (50% OFF) / VANS (similar here) / NECKLACE


I've been loving the warmer weather in Orange County lately! It's been so nice. When I went to San Diego for the day, it was a little cooler than OC so I knew that jeans were a must. These jeans are 50% off and I love them so much! They are all that I have been wearing and they are all over my Instagram. This top is super 90's and trendy right now. It's only $25 so it's a major steal.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their spring break! I sent my spring break by the pool during the day, and at the dance studio at night! Worlds is 20 days away! Crazy! I went to Palm Springs this weekend for a little weekend getaway. We went to a bunch of cool and unique places. We also stayed at the cutest hotel. I can't want to share my full blog post about the trip! I hope that everyone has an amazing week!