Shop With Style: Spring Break Bathing Suits Under $50


Long time no see! I was super busy last week with midterms and All- Star USA Nationals, so I wasn't able to post a blog post... but I'm back!! I've been loving all of the cute, new bikinis out lately! My favorite trends that I have been seeing are matching tops and bottoms, stripes, high waisted bikini bottoms, and high- leg bikini bottoms. You will notice that the bikinis I chose follow those trends. All of these bathing suits are under $50 from Forever 21, which is one of my favorite places to shop for bathing suits. If you want to buy one of the bathing suits, click on its name!

I go on Spring break on Thursday, and I can't even believe it!! This year has already been going by so fast! I can't wait for a week of relaxation and no school. Since Worlds are coming up, I can't go on vacation but I'm excited to spend my week at the beach and at dance.

Also, I'm starting a series on my blog called "Shop With Style". In this series I will be sharing more posts like these where I share all of my favorite things that I have found online. In the comments tell me what else you would like to see in this series!!

Have an amazing week!!