One Dress 2 Different Ways

Option #1: As a skirt


I mentioned this fashion tip earlier on my Instagram, but I love wearing dresses as skirts. This plaid dress is my favorite dress at the moment. I put a white, knit sweater over my dress to give the illusion that I'm wearing a skirt. I also like putting oversized tee shirts over dresses.


Option #2: As a dress


I wore this plaid dress with a plain black tee shirt underneath. I would also wear a white tee shirt or long sleeve underneath.


As a blogger, I always want to find the best way to maximize my closet so I am able to have the most outfits possible. That's why I am sharing this post to show that it is super easy to make the most out of the clothes in your closet! I hope that these tips were helpful!

I’m leaving for JAMZ on Thursday, which is a dance competition in Las Vegas!! I’m super excited to perform! I’m going out early to get some pics there for my blog. I can’t wait to share them with you guys! 

Have a great week!! 

XOXO, Grace