Back to School Supplies

Hi everyone! In this post I am sharing some of my favorite back to school supplies that I have found online! I love to make my school supplies cute because it makes it a little more exciting to go back to school!! I have divided the supplies into categories. If you like any of the items, then just click on the number corresponding to it and it will take you to its website.


1. Backpacks- I feel that having a cute backpack definitely completes an outfit. If you don't like the color shown, most of them have more color options. All of these backpacks are under $100! They are all adorable!

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2. Planners- These are the cutest planners ever! I feel that if you have a cute planner, you will be more obliged to write in it. I love having a planner to stay on top of my homework and making sure that I don't forget anything.

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3. Pencils and Cases- I love having cute writing tools! They make school so much more fun! I also love putting them in a case so they all stick together and you don't loose anything! These pencils and cases are the cutest!

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Other Supplies- These are a bunch of extra supplies that I found, that I think are adorable. They will totally stand out! They are all super inexpensive so they are totally a must have!

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I can't believe that I go back to school in a WEEK! Ugh I'm so so sad! I wish I had summer everyday! I'm trying to get a ton of blog posts out before I go back to school because I know that when school starts it will get super hard. If you have any other back to school blog posts requests, then comment them below! I hope everyone enjoyed this post and it made you a little more excited for school to start!!

Stay graceful and stylish,