Ways to Style a Bandana


Hi everyone!! In this post I am going to be sharing 6 ways to style a bandana!! Bandanas are soo in style right now and I wanted to share some fun ways that I have been styling them. My bandana is from Madewell and you can find it here. It is only $12.50 so you have to get one!!


1. Around your neck- I feel like this is the classic way to wear a bandana and has been the most trendy lately. I just tie it around my neck in a double knot and it totally completes a look.


2. Around your purse/ backpack- I love doing this to customize a plain bag. It totally spices up your bag and makes it more unique.

My purse I bought when I was in London and it was from a shop that you can only find there.

My purse I bought when I was in London and it was from a shop that you can only find there.


3. Around a bun- This is super fun to put around a messy bun. I just wrap the bandana around 2 times and then tie it loosely to give a soft look.


4. Around a ponytail- I love to put bandanas around my ponytails! Since I have SUPER thick hair, I have to use a hair tie first, but if you have finer hair then I would just tie it without a hair tie to give a more boho look.


5. Around your wrist- I wrapped the bandana a couple times around my wrist and I loved it! It is super cute and is something different then a regular bracelet.


6. Around a half up half down bun- I love doing the half up half down look! The bandana just adds so much flair to your hair. I wrapped it around 2-3 times and then tied it loosely.


I have my first varsity football game tomorrow which is super exciting!! I'm on the song team so I'm cheering at it. Also, I have no school tomorrow which is even better! My friends and I are going homecoming dress shopping tomorrow! My homecoming is super early this year so we all have to start shopping for dresses early. I'm going to be posting a homecoming related blog post in the next couple of weeks so get excited!!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post!!!

Stay graceful and stylish,