A Day in Newport

Hi loves!! I'm so so so excited to be starting a blog! I've been wanting to do this for so long and I'm so happy that I'm finally taking the jump and writing my first post. Here's just a little bit about myself... I'm a fashion and beauty obsessed teen who loves to shop, find cute coffee shops, and take pictures. I love adventuring to new places with my friends and just living my life to the fullest! I'm all about positivity and doing all things that make you happy! On my blog I'll be posting fashion inspiration, my outfits, beauty tips, lifestyle posts, and so much more.

Over the weekend my friends and I went on a Newport adventure day where we went to a bunch of fun places to take pictures, shop, and eat. We started off at Sidecar Donuts, one of my favorite places to get a good donut that are totally cute and picture worthy! They have super unique flavors that you can't find at other donut shops. My personal favorite is the bacon donut. It's SO good and I would for sure recommend trying it.

And who knew that random stores make the best background for a cute picture?

The next destination my friends and I headed to was Marine Avenue in the Balboa area. We got Balboa bars (which are the most amazing dessert ever am I right?!) and shopped around. Our favorite store, Persimmon Tree, has the CUTEST bikinis. We also went into the Balboa Candy store which has the best taffy ever. Let's just say my friends and I have a big sweet tooth haha!

As for my outfit... I've been obsessed with fashion lately and with my love of clothes comes a great amount of money spent. To be able to get such cute clothes and keep a budget, I've been shopping a TON at Forever 21! Their clothes are so cute and trendy, and you are definitely able to get "more bang for your buck". I got my shirt and overalls from there. My favorite thing to do is buy inexpensive clothes and then buy more expensive accessories that are versatile and really complete the outfit. I'm wearing my Alex and Ani bracelet, my Jook and Nona necklace, and my fun Kate Spade backpack. To top the whole look off, I wore a classic pair of white converse.

I'm so excited to continue blogging for you girls and I hope you join this journey with me.

Stay graceful and stylish,