DIY Christmas Room Decor


I decorate my room every single year for Christmas and wanted to share some ways to make your room super cozy and festive for the Holidays!

1. Cozy blankets and pillows: On my bed I added a colorful reindeer pillow. At the end of my bed, I added a white furry blanket to make it very cozy. On my bean bag, I added a red blanket and two small pillows to make it look super festive!!

My pillow is from Target from last year, but I've linked others that I love  here  and  here .

My pillow is from Target from last year, but I've linked others that I love here and here.

Similar throw blanket  here .

Similar throw blanket here.


2. DIY Snowflakes: For the wall behind my bed, I like to add some snowflakes to make it more festive. I cut out paper snowflakes and taped them onto my wall.


3. Christmas lights: I love wrapping Christmas lights around my headboard! I love putting lights in my room because it makes it look so pretty and festive!


4. Christmas Tree: I love adding a Christmas tree to my room! I always do just a little one in my room because it looks so cute!!


5. Wrapped picture frames: Wrapping your pictures is super cute! It makes your frames look way more Christmasy and fun!


6. Other fun accessories: I love to add a bunch of other little Christmas room decor items. I added a wreath above my bed, a snow globe, a snow flake light, etc. I love to shop in the dollar section at Target for these items.


I hope you guys got some inspiration from this post!! I love decorating my room because it makes me super happy and gets me in a Christmas mood!

Over thanksgiving break I had an LA day with my best friend Cambria. She actually filmed the whole day and the video is amazing!! You guys have to check it out!! The link to her video is here.

I hope everyone has a great week!!

XOXO, Grace